Premiere: Tom Lumley & The Brave Liasion – ‘Better Than This’

Premiere: Tom Lumley & The Brave Liasion – ‘Better Than This’

A lot has changed in the months since Tom Lumley & The Brave Liasion released their new EP in April and new release ‘Better Than This puts a spotlight’ on the cruel world.

Exclusively premiering their music video for ‘Better Than This’ (out November 6th) the two minute-30 second blast on indie rock is a captivating watch.

Filmed in a run down, derelict building near Cambridge, the band get very vocal about the past seven months; we’ve had Covid-19, racism, police brutality in the US, the clashing of protesters and police, environmental protests, the toppling of Nelson Colson’s statue and now a second wave of Covid-19 looms.

2020 has been a whirlwind ride of a year, and Tom Lumley & The brave Liasion are pushing on with one of their most powerful pieces of work to date, with the song’s subject matter deeply rooted in the political unrest of the youth, and the movement for equality which is being seen around the world.

Shot in two locations, the band filmed inside the guard house of an abandoned RAF base, and the bonfire shots were done on private land.

Tom said that the police were called to the first location due to believing they were closing down an “illegal rave”, but arrived to find our music video shoot which became very popular with the local press. “Luckily we’d just about managed to wrap up shooting when they arrived and then politely moved on,” he adds.

‘Better Than This’ is an anthem for a generation unheard and uncatered for by the organisations of power, not only in the U.K. but around the world. A soundtrack to the current movement of youth who are tired of being ignored, patronised and used as a scapegoat. This song is a powerful declaration that we’ll no longer be ignored and refused a seat at the table which decides our futures.

Tom Lumley, frontman

The ICM Ones To Watch 2020 artist are firing on all cylinders, the band have cemented themselves as a ‘must see’ act. Release after release, the quartet are constantly improving and ‘Better than This’ is just another perfect example.

With a more apt time to release their new single hard to imagine, the band seem to have a knack for writing anthemic rock songs which encapsulate the feelings felt by many at any given time. If you’ve not yet jumped onboard, there’s never been a better time – guitar music is very much alive and kicking, and there’s not many bands kicking harder than Tom Lumley & The Brave Liaison.

Finally, Tom said: “The resounding message of the song and video is a call for people to come together and push for positive changes to be made around the world. To ignore the naysayers who say “nothing will ever change” and to be unrelenting in the pursuit of change in order to make the world a better place, for all humans and all species alike.”

You can also check out their latest EP, ‘Sign of the times’ here.

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